Sydney Heath – serious about Sponge


When Oksana made contact with several potential suppliers of Sponge we hadn’t anticipated meeting an organisation who were as serious about sponge as we were. It was a happy match that day last year when Godfry Heath showed us round the workshop where they create solutions for companies such as Rolls Royce and Emma Bridgewater. Oksana and I were like kids in a sweet shop; colours, textures, a laser bed that cut sponges into any shape… the potential was really exciting. But not as exciting as being able to take away all the off cuts and see what we could make from them.

IMG_2824 IMG_2933

Thanks to Sydney Heaths generosity the show has been made possible. We hope to be able to bring more customers to their door but also we’d like to publicly thank them for being patient with the to’ing and fro’ing and for being partners in our journey into the world of Sponge. See their work at