On day one – spinning, flying and daring dads

I could of course write a really deep and expansive rehearsal blog about all the profound, meaningful happenings today… or… I could simply write about what we loved about today. We had 20 families in from Leicester and the surround ing area to help us kick start rehearsals and help us with building more ideas for choreography, after all it wouldn’t be  a Turned On Its Head rehearsal without any children and their families now would it!

So a few favourite moments:

Dads love to be daring, and we love watching dads being daring.

We also loved spinning buckets…. a big favourite from today…

Remember Hope from the Love and Nurture blog post? Well we nailed it on day one – or rather Shane did! More on juggling buckets later this week (I’ve seen what they’ve been practicing!!)

See you tomorrow!!