Different is brilliant

Iris Grace is a child with an extraordinary talent who expresses the unique way she see her world through her painting. Her art is inspirational and raises awareness of her condition – Autism.

Iris Graces story is also that of her mum, Arabella, who acts as a personal ‘atelier’; a guide and enabler. Arabella observes the fascinations Iris has and build experiences based on them. She has worked tirelessly (as one does for your own children) to nurture Iris’s learning; taking risks, experiencing frustrations, but always finding a way through by trusting her daughter to inspire and partner with her.

She says;

“Her gift has given us the opportunity to show people there is another way:

gentle methods following a child’s interest,”

 “My hope is that people are inspired and can see that there is a future, a bright one.

Raining Cats

“Through our story it becomes clear that it wouldn’t matter if that interest had been something like watering cans or shells, we would go with it and find ways to connect with her. There is always a way, always a spark of interest to follow.”iris-grace-painting-garden-studio


I hope one day to meet Arabella, find out more about her work with Kids Must Move and chink a tea cup to the notion that different is brilliant….