Giving our children a voice

Children are dancing everywhere I go. I see them at the school gate waiting to into school, tapping feet, running round mum, jostling older siblings. Sometime these dances are unseen, sometimes we witness them and wonder what is going on inside that little body and sometimes we find out a little bit more about the children in our care and around us. Children are communicating who they and how they see the world through their bodies.  In 2009 I was asked to work on a project for Find Your Talent that looked at how we can enable children to have a bigger, more listened to, more respected voice . One of the outcomes was short film made by Nick Hamer called Small Bodies Big Voices. At the heart of this work was that, as a dancer, I see great value in the ability to improvise and I see great skill in the abilities of very young children to do this authentically, passionately and creatively.