Dear Parents…

Next week we start a new Little Movers class at the beautiful, spacious and fully accessible International Centre for Choreography at Dance 4 .

Parents from Loughborough thought they’d share a few words about how they feel about their Little Movers class…

“These sessions are creative and beautiful. They are the kind of place a timid child can take it all in until they’re ready to join in and an adventurous child can really get stuck in. Expect to be joining in and having a laugh too. They use creative props which will inspire you to carry on dancing at home. You’ll learn to follow your childs playful lead and get some great exercise too.”

Mel, mum to Esme aged 2


“Classes are tailored so that each child can join in at their level appropriate to their age. I didn’t expect to participate so much myself… but really enjoyed  1:1 time with my little one”

Jules, mum to Josh age 1


“My son and I love this class. It is unlike any other class I have ever been to. The class weaves a winning combination of stimulating and relaxing activities. It is unique and done with love and passion.”

Cheryl Mum to Xavi aged 3


“Horray for Little Movers! My boys (4 and 2) love it and so do I! The best class we go to by far. The class takes the adults and children on a journey of discovery every week. It fuels kids imaginations and introduces them to a wonderful and fun world. Movement is always set to great music you can’t help but sing and dance along to. Thank you for your energy and constantly inspiring us!”

Hope mum to Trevi aged 4 and Dougie aged 2


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